Vertiv Modular Busway

Vertiv Modular Busway


iMPB (Intelligent Medium Powerbar)

Vertiv Engineering’s innovative iMPB product is an open channel busway system designed for use in data centres and other mission critical environments.

Vertiv Engineering have completed iMPB installation in data centres across the globe where security and flexibility of electrical distribution is paramount. iMPB has been engineered with the safety of the installer and user in mind.

High Powerbar

High Powerbar

High Powerbar is a 1000V totally encased, non-ventilated and low impedance busbar.

HPB has been engineered for applications which require moving large amounts of power. Most commonly HPB is used to distribute power from transformers to low voltage switchboards and then down to further power distribution boards.

Cast Resin Powerbar

Cast Resin Powerbar

Vertiv Engineering’s Cast Resin Powerbar is suitable for outdoor use as well as in hazardous or life safety applications.

The conductor is fully enclosed in an IP68 rated polymer concrete. The cast resin housing is resistant to fire, water, mechanical loads, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-40°C – +60°C).

Ul 1558 Switchgear

UL1558 Switchgear

Vertiv Engineering’s UL1558 brings together the standard components and circuit breakers from the leading manufactureres to deliver a solution that meets the requirements of each client.

The standard design of UL1558 switchgear facilitates expedited manufacturing and delivery time allowing end users to meet tight deadlines.

Ul 891 Switchboard

UL891 Switchboard

Vertiv Engineering’s UL891 switchboard is a fully customizable solution designed to improve efficiency, enhance safety and save space.

Vertiv Engineering can integrate components from all of the major manufacturers to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability.