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Outdoor Chillers

Haskris OPC-Series chillers are designed for outdoor installation and offer industry-leading uptime performance of 99.97%. Ranging in size from 1.5 Tons to 30 Tons, these durable chillers are a standard in the medical industry where reliability is critical. Capable of operating in extreme climates from -20F to +120F ambient air temperature while maintaining fluid temps at +/-0.1C of set point, the OPC-Series sets the standard for excellence.

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City Water Backup Systems

Haskris CWS and CGS units are city water back-up systems that provide added protection against unplanned downtime from your primary water chiller. The Haskris “Continuous Water System” (CWS) provides city water directly to your water cooled equipment. For outdoor chillers circulating glycol, the Haskris “Continuous Glycol System” (CGS) includes a pump and heat exchanger to isolate the glycol loop from the city water to prevent contamination and dilution of glycol.

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