Vertiv XTE 401, 2410

Vertiv XTE 401, 2410 | FrontView
Vertiv XTE 401, 2410 | LeftSideView
Vertiv XTE 401, 2410 | RightSideView

The Vertiv XTE 401 Series is a family of three small single-sided low-cost indoor or outdoor rated aluminum enclosures. These enclosures can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive cooling, power, protection and battery options.


  • NEMA 3R design protects equipment from water and dust, while maintaining a cool operating environment.
  • UL and cUL listing ensures documented performance.
  • GR-487-CORE Issue 3 design ensures system reliability and durability.
  • Aluminum construction provides superior protection for panels, cables and splices, offering a long, corrosion resistant, problem-free service life.
  • Multiple climate control solutions satisfy your specific equipment heat loads and environmental demands.
  • More customization available for diverse configuration, cooling and mounting.
  • Standard enclosure platform for multiple applications simplifies specification, installation and maintenance.


  • Protect critical electronics and equipment from adverse environmental conditions
  • Maintain a cool operating environment with versatile thermal solutions
  • Deploy critical telecom infrastructure in space constrained environments

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