Switches Preventive Maintenance

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Automatic transfer switches are a great solution during fault or outage situations, seamlessly shifting loads from normal supply to standby power. Regular preventive maintenance ensures that your switches are ready to perform when necessary. With regular inspection and testing, you can avoid switch malfunction that can be detrimental to property, profits and personnel.


  • Inspection of switch surfaces and enclosure determines if cleaning or additional maintenance is needed
  • Cleaning of switch, wire connectors, and bus bars per NEMA guidelines ensures contaminates don’t interfere with switch operation
  • Damaged parts replacement occurs when components cannot be properly cleaned or repaired
  • Mechanical operation test verifies that the switch mechanism is operating freely following preventive maintenance


  • Improved reliability is achieved with regular inspection, cleaning, and testing of switches
  • Maximized uptime happens when switches work properly to transfer loads during fault or outage situations

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