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2 X FAS8020 – CABINET – 42U H X 23.6″W X 43.3D – INPUT – 2 X L6-30P – OUTLETS – 2 X (18 X C13 + 6 X C19) – MAX POWER – 4200W – 16-port Console Server with Modem – Temperature and Door Sensors.


  • Cabinet: The SmartCabinet can be configured on a 24U or 42U platform with up to 3,000 lbs. of load capacity. The cabinet ships on a shock pallet and is equipped with casters for easy installation.
  • Rack PDU:The SmartCabinet™ for FlexPod uses the MPH2 Rack PDU. MPH2 is the most efficient and has the lowest profile in the industry. It offers branch monitoring; outlet level monitoring and control, and supports standard SNMP protocol, as well as HTTPS and SSH, for management.
  • UPS:The Liebert GXT4 true online UPS provides high-quality AC power and protection against all sorts of power anomalies. The Liebert GXT4 also has an internal battery to protect your FlexPod against utility power failure. The unit comes equipped with a monitoring card that will alert you when utility power has failed or when the UPS battery needs attention.
  • Advanced Console Server:The Avocent ACS6000 advanced console server allows access to the console port of your network equipment via your network or modem connection.
  • Your FlexPod:The SmartCabinet™ for FlexPod -ready. This SmartCabinet has all the supporting infrastruture neccessary to successfully deploy your FlexPod System.
  • Remote Monitoring:Each SmartCabinet is equipped with temperature and door ajar sensors. All sensors and the internal UPS battery can be monitored remotely and support standard SNMP.


  • Remote Access: You will be able to access the serial port of network equipment through your network or through a modem connection.
  • Power Conditioning and Back-up:True on-line UPS technology with integrated bypass capability delivers continuous, high=quality AC power with no break when transferring to battery or during maintenance.
  • Remote Monitoring:The SmartCabinet for FlexPod can be connected to your network and will alert you about power failures, high-temperature conditions, or when the cabinet door is open.
  • Physical Security:The SmartCabinet for FlexPod has lockable front and back doors and is equipped with sensors to alert you when the doors are opened.

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