NetSure 701 Course

Detailed technical training includes proper use of the supporting documentation and system theory of operation (50/50 hands-on & theory). This training also includes how to utilize the system controller, system adjustments, and basic trouble clearing. If the LMS1000 is embedded in the system, an additional 3 days of training is required.


  • Safety
  • DC Power Overview
  • Documentation and Support
  • NetSure 701 Power System detailed technical training will be provided for the proper use of schematic drawings, adjustments, hands-on training, and theory of operation.


  • Maximize effectiveness of your Netsure 701 product.
  • Enable your technicians by training on the latest power equipment and techniques.
  • Provide experienced trainers with strong technical knowledge and professional training skills.
  • Offer training at the Vertiv Training facility in Lorain Ohio in a large classroom environment and state-of-the-art operational and fully equipped power-training lab for practical exercises.
  • Offer training at your own site and target the training to the specific needs of your people and organization.
  • Assess your power training needs and deliver different levels to suit all needs.

Brochures and Data Sheets