MCR – Mini Computer Room Enclosure

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MCR – Mini Computer Room Enclosure | FrontView

Vertiv rack enclosure protection solutions bring together the full range of Vertiv support systems into a single package. Depending on the level of protection required, these self contained systems can include comprehensive, computer-grade support features such as cooling, power, monitoring and security — all integrated in a seamless, qualified design.


Comprehensive, intergrated design
  • combines computer-grade support systems, including cooling, power, monitoring, and security into a single, pre-tested system.Mobile design for quick deploymewnt.
  • lets you put a self-contained mini-computer room right where you need it, today or tomorrow.Agency approved as a system.
  • pre-qualified and ready for installation.


ECM (Environmental Control Module)
  • computer-grade air conditioning load matched to UPS.BCM (Back-up Cooling Module)
  • provides cooling in the event of a power loss or can be utilized to reduce energy consumption with the BCM Energy Saver Control.Liebert GXT4 On-Line or PSI Line-Interactive UPS.
  • provides back-up power protection.MPH2 PDU
  • are also available to provide power control and monitoring at the receptacle level.Multiple monitoring options
  • provide alarm and enclosure status. 

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