Liebert Transformer Module Centralized Power Supply

Liebert Transformer Module Centralized Power Supply | LeftSideView

The Liebert Transformer Module provides centralized power distribution for 24VAC loads, with two independently-fused 40VA isolated outputs. The TM115 and TM230 transformer modules are designed as self-contained, stand-alone devices.


  • Self-contained power conversion moduleProvides independently fused circuits
  • Each Liebert 24VAC outputs has a replaceable fuse for circuit protection
  • Includes On/Off switches
  • TM115 transformer module converts 115VAC to two 24VAC outputs; Liebert TM230 transformer module converts 230VAC to two 24VAC outputs


  • Supports centralized power distribution
  • Outputs independently fused for greater reliability
  • Supports Liebert SiteScan Web applications to power multiple modules
  • Power for the Liebert Universal Monitor and I/O expansion module from one power source
  • Power for stand alone and leak detection modules