Liebert STS2-PDU 800 Amp

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Provides power distribution and automatic switching between two different AC power sources such as different UPS systems.


  • 100% rated, fuseless design
  • Static transfer switch with distribution
  • Provides computer-grade grounding Installs and maintains easily


  • Operates efficiently
  • Triple redundant logic with dual power feeds
  • Compact single cabinet conserves valuable floorspace compared to non-packaged solutions
  • A choice of distribution options to fit site requirements
  • Grounding automatically establishes a single point ground to meet manufacturer and code requirements
  • Fully compatible with the non-linear loads of modern computer systems and other electronic equipment
  • Standard on-unit monitoring and optional centralized monitoring capability provide continuous system visibility
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership When applied as primary side switching, costs are lower due to requiring only one power distribution unit, a lower current due to 480V vs. 208V, and lower installation and wiring costs
  • Single cabinet design reduces installation time and cost UL listed as complete system

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