Chloride CP60Z AC UPS

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AC Uninterruptible Power Systems meeting the latest requirements of the industrial sector and embedding the latest R&D innovations for improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.


  • Thyristors-based (SCR) rectifier, 6 or 12 pulses, with improved operation to significantly improve the input power factor and limit the inrush current
  • IGBT/PWM-based inverter
  • Input and output isolation transformers included
  • Multilingual colored touchpad display with embedded event log
  • Ingress protection IP42 as standard
  • 20+ years lifespan
  • Compatible with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, vented or recombination types
  • Parallel operation


  • Energy savings - Improved efficiency means reduced power consumption and smaller air conditioning system
  • Project savings- Higher input power factor and lower inrush current mean smaller upstream transformer, switchgear and cables and reduced line current and losses in the cables
  • Safe and easy maintenance- Segregated manual bypass and front access to major components to improve safety and reduce MTTR
  • Smart access to UPS data: Large graphical user interface with touch screen and embedded event logger (up to 2000 events) with capability to export the recorded events via USB stick

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