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170-400 kW Air-cooled chillers designed for the efficient cooling of small data centers


  • Adiabatic freecooling and freecooling versions available
  • Scroll compressors
  • "G" version available to achieve an higher efficiency
  • Fast Start Ramp
  • EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve)
  • EC Fans
  • Optimized for R410A refrigerant
  • iCOM Control


  • The freecooling and adiabatic freecooling operation allows to reduce the annual use of compressors, thus achieving top efficiency levels.
  • In the adiabatic models, the highly efficient adiabatic wet pads humidify air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, increase freecooling operation and mechanical efficiency.
  • Audible noise is reduced to a minimum as a result of EC Fans and special acoustic insulation.
  • The Fast Start option ensures full restoration of chiller capacity within 100 seconds from a power re-start.
  • The Supersaver software logic embedded in the iCOM Control leverages on the communication with floor mount units to maximize efficiency at system level.

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