ASCO 7000 SERIES Soft Load Power Transfer Switch

ASCO 7000 SERIES Soft Load Power Transfer Switch | FrontView

The transfer switch can be programmed to either maintain parallel operation of both power sources, or transfer the load to the onsite generating unit, avoiding transients caused by block loading.


  • Power transfer using proven ASCO Closed-Transition Transfer Switches (CTTS).
  • Automatic emergency standby transfer operation upon loss of utility power.
  • Active synchronization of the onsite generating unit to the utility source through automatic adjustment of the generating unit's governor and voltage regulator (analog or pulse width modulated outputs control the governor).


  • Seamless load transfer between acceptable utility power and onsite generation with virtually no voltage or frequency transients for maximum efficiency.
  • Enables monitoring and control of soft load operation using GUIs ( graphical user interfaces) with user-friendly, pull- down menus.
  • Allows activation of protective functions using the touch screen (each function can be programmed to signal an external breaker and/or alarm signal, or just display the condition on the GUI).

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